Wedding Menu

We are a team of indian , pakistani and english chefs . specializing within our zones of origine to give the best of the experience of individual cuisines to their optimum level.

Enjoy the Ceremony of Wedding with freshbyte Caterers. Weddings are one of the most important events in an individual’s life. It plays a major role in the lives of the Bride and the Groom as well as the coming together of two families as well. The sanctity of the wedding is accomplished by several rituals that take place over several days. All the guests come together to celebrate this happy time and the food is the main focus here. Here , people talk not about how the wedding was, but how good or bad the food was A lavish wedding can have up to 20 dishes available with several snacking live stations to keep the guests entertained throughout the wedding ceremony and rituals. Leave all the stress to us and you enjoy and rejoice in the wedding celebrations. Whether you are planning a modern or traditional wedding, the food menu that you choose to serve at your wedding will be cherished for a long time.

Your wedding is the first time when you will host your entire family, relatives, and friends as husband and wife. So, offering one of a kind mouth-watering experience is a personal reflection of you as a couple. Since its inception, freshbyte Catering Services have been offering food that delights the taste buds of the guests and makes your big day a truly memorable day. We provide traditional authentic food prepared carefully by considering cultural and religious requirements. With us, you have the facility to choose the dishes from over 100+ cuisines both vegetarian and non-vegetarian and we are always there to help you in case you get confused. With freshbyte Catering Services you do not have to worry about the food as

Wedding, mehendi, sangeet , cocktail & reception menus

Menu staring with £8 per head

Menu One

  • 1 starters ( poultry or veg)
  •  2 mains (1 poultry + 1 veg)
  • 1 rice or bread
  • 1 dessert

Menu Two

  • 2 starters (1meat/poultry + 1veg)
  • 2 mains (1meat/poultry + 1 veg)
  • 1 bread or rice
  • 1 dessert

Menu Three

  • 2 starters (1 meats or poultry plus 1 vegetarien)
  • 2 mains ( 1 meats or poultry plus 1 vegetarien)
  • 1 rice dish
  • 2 dessert
  • raita
  • naan/chutney/salad

Menu Four

  • 3 starters (2 meats or poultry plus 1 vegetarien)
  • 3 mains ( 2meats or poultry plus 1 vegetarien)
  • 1 rice dish
  • 2 dessert
  • naan/chutney/salad
  • raita
  • cold drink or soup

Menu five

  • 4 starters (3 meats or poultry plus 1 vegetarien)
  • 4 mains ( 2 meats or poultry plus 2 vegetarien)
  • 2 rice dish
  • 2 dessert ( individual cheesecakes or large american fudge cake)
  • raita
  • cold drink , tea or soup
  • naan/chutney/salad

Get wow factor added to your occasion

  • An additional £1 p/h will be charged to replace vegetarian dish to meat or poultry dish
  • An additional £2 p/h will be charged to add starter or vegetarian mains and £2.50 p/h to add non vegetarian mains


Since shakes and drinks are the heart of the wedding which will be offered in many different and entertaining forms for the guests. As Indian wedding caterers, our journey in creating your ideal wedding day starts by listening to your needs and what crucial role you want food to play at your wedding. With this knowledge on hand, our team of experienced Indian food specialists and Asian food chefs create unique, inspired menus taking care of every detail. Whether it is North Indian, South Indian, Gujarati, Punjabi, or a mix that you desire, Indian wedding caterers leave no stone unturned.