Gujrati Menu

Gujarat is the land of colors! The warmth of the Gujarati people, the delectable vegetarian cuisine, the exquisite bandhani art or patola weave and the rich culture of the state – we’ve tried to weave all of this through our food right from colorful food adding by warmth representing rich gujarati culture and love and affection between anything and everything which comes in between.
Here is all that we’ve got covered starting from pre wedding rituals Chandlo Matli , Gol Dhana,Mandap Mahurat, Griha Shanti , mehendi, sangeet sandhya or sanji, pithi, mameru or mosalu finishing with jaan
Starting again from the day of the wedding with varghodo , ponku,Madhuparka , antarpaat, kanyadaan, hastmilap, mangal pheras,Saptapadi,sindoor daan finishing with kansara.

Yet restarting again for post wedding rituals Saubhagyavati Bhava, Chero Pakaryo , ashirwad, GRAND RECEPTION , Vidaai, ghar nu lakshmi, to finishing lastly by celebrating Aeki Beki

We’ve got all of it covered , whatever you decide to celebrate we will ensure to make your occasion not only memorable but most talked about and remembered for food served.

Starters - farsan

  • Khandvi

    made from gram flour and chickpea flour flavored with mustard seed

  • Mogo chips

    cassava root chips in spiced tamarind sauce

  • Kachori- daal and lilva

    crushed lentil/crushed pea balls covered in crispy pastry deep fried

  • Chili paneer

    cottage cheese stir fried with chunky onions and peppers

  • Dahi vada

    deep fried wada in spiced yogurt

  • Dhokla

    steam cooked savory sponge made with gram flour , glazed with sesame seeds oil, chili powder and freshly chopped coriander ( lighter choice )

  • Methi gota

    deep fried besan flour with fresh methi (fenugreek)

  • Mixed bhajia

    deep fried potatoes, chillies,courgettes, cauliflower, pepper in gram flour)

  • Samosas with chutney

  • spring rolls

    cassava root chips in spiced tamarind sauce

  • Bhel puri

    rice puffs, onions, boiled potatoes, coriander mixed with various sauces) (Lighter choice)

  • Pav bhaji

    mash of mixed vegetables cooked with spices , served with dollop of butter


  • Ragda patties

    Popular north indian street food made of mashed potatoes and yellow peas base.

  • Ghatia

    Deep fried indian snack made from gram flour


  • Jeera/plain/pulao rice

  • Vegetarian biryani

  • Moong khichdi

Main course - shaaks

  • Aloo methi

    Marie pipers potatoes cooked with fresh chopped fenugreek

  • Aloo baingan

    Potato wedges cooked with aubergine in tomato base

  • Batata sukhi bhaji

    Dry potato dish

  • Masala matoki

  • Bhindi masala (£1 ph extra)

    Okra just the name is enough for taste

  • Caju, corn methi

    Fenugreek,cashews with corns make an excellent combo blend

  • Chana bateta

    Black chickpeas cooked with potato forming another fabulous combo

  • Chickpeas

  • Channa and val

    Chickpeas cooked in combo with butter beans

  • Kaju matar

    Slit cashew nuts cooked with green peas

  • Mixed vegetable curry

    Assorted veggies cooked in delicious chefs spl curry

  • Navratan korma

    Mughlai vegetable curry seasoned with aromatic spices and finished with rich yogurt curd, cream or coconut milk

  • Turia patra

    Turiya patra nu shaak is an unusual combo of ridge gourd and patra (taro leaves roll )

  • Undhiyu

    One pot mix of several vegetable casserole dish

  • Vaal

    Split fava beans curry

  • Ringan tuvar

    Aubergine and sweet peas dish


  • Amli /mint chutney

  • Coconut chutney

  • Dahi pudina

  • Green red chutney

  • Tomato chutney


  • Moong dal

    Protein rich dish made from hulled and split mung beans also known as yellow moong lentils

  • Tarka dal

    split chickpeas (chana dal) mixed with a blend of savory spices

  • Toor dal

    Split pigeon peas lentil curry

  • Urid dal

    Split black lentil curry

  • Gujarati kadhi

    Sweet and tangy yogurt based dish made with gram flour ,spices and herbs

  • Tuvar na Lilva ni kadhi

    Fresh green pigeon peas cooked in yogurt!

Pickles / yogurts

  • Gajar marcha

  • Gajar marcha

  • Mixed pickle

  • Chili pickle

  • Yogurts - (spice, bundi, cucumber ,pudina)


  • Chapati

  • Bhatura

  • plain/masala puri

  • Methi thepla

  • Plain paratha

  • Kulcha

  • Tandoori naan