Non Veg Menu

Main course - chicken

  • Karahi chicken

    Chicken cooked in special utensil called karahi to obtain optimum flavor

  • Chicken korma

    Chicken cooked in coconut milk with cinnamon, ginger, green chillies and garam masala

  • Chicken jalfrezi

    thick spicy sauce that includes green chili peppers,onions and tomatoes.

  • Achari chicken

    Spicy chicken masala with pickle flavor

  • Butter chicken

    Pre-marinated and roasted chicken cooked in puree of tomato onion and butter

  • Seekh kabab masala

    Chicken seekh kebabs made on coal then then cooked in traditional masala

  • Peshawari chicken karahi

    Tender pieces of chicken simmered in beautiful tomato masala

  • Chicken malai kofta

    Chicken balls cooked in rich sauce of cashews and onions

  • Chicken dopiaza

    Dry chicken cooked in dry style, sauteed with onions and peppers

  • Methi chicken

    chicken cooked in zesty fresh fenugreek and dry masala combination

  • Saag chicken

    chicken cooked with fresh spinach

  • Chicken tikka masala

    Boneless cubes of chicken delicately marinated in a traditional Tikka marinade, broiled in the tandoor, and cooked in a red Deggi Mirch and tomato gravy

  • Chicken haleem

    Chicken cooked with chana dal and broken wheat

  • Chicken nihari

    Spicy flour based chicken stew made with fried onions, yogurt,ginger and garlic.

  • Chicken keema matter

    chicken mince with peas

  • Chicken tikka makhani

    pre marinated chicken roasted and dipped into butter based gravy

  • White chicken

    mash of mixed vegetables cooked with spices , served with dollop of butter

  • Chicken keema matter

    chicken mince with peas

  • Chicken tikka makhani

    pre marinated chicken roasted and dipped into butter based gravy

  • White chicken

    Chicken cooked in cream and hung yogurt with ginger and garlic

  • Golden chicken with saffron

    Chicken cooked in turmeric and saffron based rich silky gravy

Main course - meat

  • Karahi lamb

    prepared in wok to get special karahi flavor

  • Achari gosht

    Lamb marinated and then cooked in yogurt based curry

  • Lamb ginger

    Fine baby lamb marinated in ginger and coriander, seasoned with onions and cooked dry on a slow fire, garnished with julienne of capsicum, and ginger

  • Dum seekh kabab masala

    Lamb seekh kebab made on coal , dipped in traditional onion & tomato base curry

  • Lamb jalfrezi

    Most popular lamb with vegetables

  • Aloo gosht

    lamb curry cooked with potatoes in traditional curry

  • Kashmiri daal gosht

    lamb cooked with lentils

  • Lamb methi

    Fine baby lamb cooked with fenugreek

  • Saag lamb

    lamb cooked with spinach based curry

  • Lamb bhindi

    lamb cooked with lady fingers semi dry dish

  • Lamb keema aloo

    lamb mince with potatoes,semi dry dish

  • Lamb kofta with aloo/egg

    Meatballs with potato or eggs)

  • Lamb keema matter

    lamb mince with cooked with peas , dry dish

  • Lamb makhani

  • butter lamb curry

  • Kofta palak

    Lamb meatballs cooked with fresh spinach

  • Lamb garlic

    Lamb marinated in chef's special sauce infused with garlic

  • White lamb

    Lamb cooked in yogurt base

  • Lamb bhuna

    Traditional lamb cooked with spices, dry dish

  • Keema curry

    Lamb mince curry

  • Rogan Josh

    Spicy traditional Lamb Curry

Main Course - Seafood

  • Coconut fish curry

    Fresh Salmon Sautéed with herbs & spices, simmered in coconut milk sauce

  • Jhinga Curry (prawn curry)

    Delicate prawns sautéed with garlic, and seeped in a light coconut sauce

  • Kadai Fish masala

    Freshwater fish tikka in an onion & pepper masala

Additional 1.50 p/h on below items

  • Chops masala

    grilled pre marinated lamb chops cooked in traditional masala base

  • Haandi lamb boneless

    Baby lamb cooked in traditional curry

  • Kunna lamb boneless

    slow cooked lamb in clay pot

  • Lamb jalfrezi boneless

    lamb served with stir fried vegetables

  • Mutton paya

    goats trotter curry

  • Peshawari lamb karahi

    fragrant slow cooked lamb stew

  • Taka tak

    mixture of various meat organs

  • Shahi haleem

    stew composed of meat, lentils & pounded wheat

  • Lamb nihari

    slow cooked shanks of meat

  • Lamb shank traditional korma

    slow cooked shanks of beef, mutton or chicken in yogurt base korma curry